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GILI MENO DIVERS has chosen to take part in the struggle for the preservation of our beloved ocean.


Through several associations and actions, we are trying to protect what is precious & important for us : submarine life .


It is fragile and delicate, it deserves our attention so that future generations will also have the opportunity to marvel at the gift that was given to us.

Gili Eco Trust is a local non-governmental organization, first created in 2000, to protect coral reefs from destructive fishing practices around the three Gili islands: Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan, off Lombok, Indonesia.

The Gili Eco Trust has extended its activities to many other “Eco projects”. We regenerate and protect coral reefs, prevent soil and beach erosion, help clean up these three beautiful islands, educate and raise awareness of the population, organize garbage recycling and waste management, provide clinical care for the Island’s animals, and develop scientific research on coral reefs with universities. We are engaged in sustainable Eco tourism using green energies, and much more…


Global FinPrint is a Paul G. Allen initiative that brings together an international research team and collaborators around the world to fill a critical information gap about the diminishing numbers of shark and rays (elasmobranchs). The project launched in summer 2015, with a multi-institutional team conducting surveys of sharks, rays, and other types of marine life on coral reefs using baited remote underwater video (BRUV). The research will improve our understanding of how elasmobranchs influence the coral reef ecosystem and how humans impact these species and their habitats.


Ultimately, the consolidation of this collaborative global research into one single analysis will aid management and conservation efforts for life on the reef.


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